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W quatre
20 March 2011

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En test
17 March 2011

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The tiny wall lizard
28 February 2011

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27 February 2011

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Et miro
4 November 2010

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Treient colors
17 August 2010

Recent Comments

Basile Pesso on Front el mar

Bruce on Aigues de mirall
Very nice. Love the deep green reflections .

omid on Aigues de mirall
very nice! so beautiful colors & reflections!

omid on Let's color
very nice! so beautiful colors!

omid on Sacré coeur
very nice & interesting! Beautiful colors!

Ronnie 2¢ on Paper Paris
Adore the rich presentation here - really suits the moment.

cassiel on Per suposat, Tour Eiffel
Beauty capture on the old mod

l'Angevine on Recombinat de colors
ces couleurs donnent vraiment l'envie de s'attabler

Sue-Ann on Recombinat de colors
nice colorful picture...

Sylvie49 capture image on Recombinat de colors
Très coloré par ici !

omid on Paris en flor
very nice & so beautiful!!!

omid on Let's the music sounds
very nice & interesting!!!!

nafisa on El mirall del mar
nice reflections

Macrobaby on El mirall del mar
cool blues and lovely reflections....

alex centrella on Compartint el moment
N I C E L Y D O N E . . . . . !

Ralf Kesper on Rostres enfront l'objectiu (IV)
Very nice!

Garfield on El descans de l'indignat I
So sharp and shot from a great angle too - lovely colors and the water in the background is wow

acm on A toc de guitarra
Gorgeous! The composition and subject are amazing!

Curly on Bicing
I love the face on the wall - she must look great from the front :-)

Lara on Dress in blue
great processing, fits perfectly!

Lara on Feel the music
you have some fine portraits here! well done!

Lara on A toc de guitarra
that's simply awesome! the colours, the light and the subject!

Sergicaba on Bicing
genial combinació de composició, llum i motiu. m'agrada força. llàstima de la mida ...

Ann Baldwin on Dress in blue
High key and saturated color is fabulous.

Gonzalo Sirgo on Follow the sign
Un camino cierto...

Rayak on
Excellent, it seems to come from a Hitchcock movie.

Curly on Rere els arcs de les finestres
Very good framing for a pretty mundane featureless building.

Kenny on Happy colours
Fantastic portrait, gorgeous smile and a very fun costume.

Curly on Happy colours
Stunning portrait, so sunny, lively, colourful, and happy!

Marta Mateu Méndez on Tot endreçat
Una imatge preciosa. No havia vist mai aquesta forma de guardar les bicis. Et felicito per la bona visió que vas ...

Gonzalo Sirgo on A la llum del fanal
Punto dorado sobre fondo gris...

katalog firm on Flor i teranyina
nice image,great colours and details

Aleix Cabrera on La Nòria II
Felicitats! M'encanta l'enquadrament i la llum.

Lomography software Lover on Fanals japonesos II: vermell i daurat
Would look great at night.

Lomography software Lover on Teulats de Japó II
What a bright orange!

Lomography software Lover on Teulats de Japó III
Can you eat what's inside of those tree's fruits :)

Grant Stringer on Teulats de Japó iV
great capture well done

sarahk on Teulats de Japó II
Nice contrast between the red and gray tile roof.

Fonts on El millor camí a seguir/ The best course to follow
Els jardins en un ambient selecta, propi de la cultura d'aquesta nació sempre m'ha semblat una cosa de ...

Fonts on Rodó
M'agrada molt! Una visió molt creativa i artística! Bona nit Adela

DowsherVision on Rodó
Great point of view here. Bravo.

valenttin on Ombra vermella
love it!

Mithun Varma on Ombra vermella
Nice colors and texture.. Nice photo!

MARIANA on Sunset in Brooklyn
beautiful compo and great colors of sunset !

TofiX on Sunset in Brooklyn
Contrast is too high

Abraham Siloé on Sunset in Brooklyn
nice shot, good colors, like it greets!!!

Nikolas on El món
good point of view, good job

cassiel on El món
Buena perspectiva, muy original

Curly on Combinatòria d'edificis
Terrific new architecture!

Thea on Obvi, dona i cadira.
I admire ciacometti's work for a lomg time..this is a nice picture!:)

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